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POA series 24v solenoid valve for steam

Información básica

Modelo: POA 24v solenoid valve

Descripción del producto

POA series 24v solenoid valve for steam
The summarized: 
It is POV steam solenoid valve for pilot type structure and direct-acting type structure, the
highest temperature of 180 degrees, the highest voltage 25bar, with normally closed control mode,
it is the industrial automatic control commonly used products. The 2W series normal closed solenoid valve
for gas, liquid, steam, oil etc in medium pipeline to automatic control, The flow direction of medium and valve
arrow keeps consistent, level installation, winding up, allow 30 degrees inclination.

Normal close steam solenoid valve, guide type structure. Small volume, big flow, wide application scope Forging copper and stainless steel precision casting. High temperature class H coil.  


Body material

Wrought brass, SS304, SS316

Environment temperature

Class F coil:0°C~65°C Class H coil:0°C~80°C 

Medium temperature


Suitable voltage

AC24V/110V/230V/240V 50/60HZ DC24V ±10% permitted range

The highest pressure


Structure form

Direct acting: Φ2.5~Φ4.5mm Pilot type:Φ15~Φ50mm

Connection type

G thread,NPT thread,flange

Diaphragm sealing


Control pattern

Normally closed type

Coil class

Class H/ F

Explosion proof coil

Optional explosion proof coil Exm1/11T4

Applicable medium

Steam, gas, liquid, oil etc

Flow direction: electricity goes off / flow direction: when electricity

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POA-25 ( 1 inch solenoid valve)




Can be option exposion proof coil which can be used in gas and other occasions;



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